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We offer our creativity to those building a better tomorrow

Laptop rendering showcasing OCW logo design
Laptop rendering showcasing the OCW logo design
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Phone rendering displaying the OCW logo design
design rendering phone one concept way logo
design rendering phone one concept way logo
Phone rendering displaying the OCW logo design

About us

We are a team of strategic designers, marketers and storytellers on a mission to grow your business. We thrive on turning imaginative concepts into iconic brands that connect authentically with people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses and their leaders to turn possibilities into reality. We want them to achieve their full potential through creative design and data-driven marketing strategies.

Laptop rendering displaying the OCW logo design
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Our Vision

Our vision is a future where brands inspire positive change, and creative thinking progresses humanity.


We seek out those architecting the future - innovators challenging conventions, founders disrupting the status quo, leaders aligning profit with purpose.

Our Story

As a women-founded and women-led agency, we unite a diversity of outlooks with courage, empathy and care to drive our agency culture forward.


We started as a small design studio with a vision to help brands forge connections with audiences through strategic design and marketing. Early on, we collaborated with local businesses to amplify their message and brand voice.

As our creative concepts delivered results, we rapidly evolved into a full-service agency working with national and international clients.


Today, we continue to perfect our process to conceive solutions that elevate brands and engage audiences - from visual identities, to high-converting digital experiences, to results-focused campaigns.

Print design materials for One Concept, envelope design, card design
Laptop rendering displaying the One Concept Way logo design

Our Values


Creativity is the lifeblood of our agency. We challenge conventions and infuse fresh thinking into every project

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We nurture meaningful connections among our team, with our clients, and between brands and their audiences. Our culture of collaboration is grounded in trust and openness

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Seeking to unlock your brand's potential?

Let's talk.



We believe in the power of brands expressing their genuine purpose and voice. We guide companies to express their real purpose and voice, we uncover the narratives that forge deep, truthful connections between businesses and their consumers

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Innovation & Technology

We create innovative solutions that drive progress for brands and communities using cutting-edge technologies, including AI for market analysis and consumer insights.  This enables us to explore infinite variations in positioning, messaging, and experiences

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Community Impact

We believe in using our talents to drive meaningful change. By joining forces with non-profits that share our ethos, we pave the way for groundbreaking ideas, empowering voices, and solutions centered around people to emerge and make a tangible difference in our society

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One concept
Dual Force



Lorena brings her sharp skills in creative design, arts, and storytelling to shape powerful brand visuals.

Her work is central to transforming abstract concepts into tangible experiences that resonate with audiences on an emotional and aesthetic level.

She believes in using art to drive progress, ensuring our work not only captures attention but also fosters empathy and cultural engagement


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With expertise in sociology, research, and data analytics, Ioana guides our strategic direction, blending logic with expertise to uncover insights that drive smarter strategies.

Her approach ensures that every strategy is not just data-informed but also deeply human-centric, bridging the gap between analytical rigor and creative communication.

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