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Maison Lulu

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We faced the task of forging a powerful brand presence amidst a fiercely competitive industry. Our main goal was to craft a brand identity that resonated with the salon's clientele, spotlighting its proficiency in beauty and skincare. Simultaneously, it was crucial to preserve a distinctive and inviting aesthetic, setting ML apart in a market saturated with options.

Digital & Web, Branding, Marketing Strategy,

Social Media Management


printing materials beauty industry

Creative Design 

The promotional materials of ML were created with a creative approach mirroring the salon's contemporary and artistic take on beauty. Opting for vivid pastel tones against an animated, brushstroke backdrop, the designs breathe a fresh, contemporary vibe.
The overall design is not just an advertisement but an invitation to a luxurious beauty experience that promises personal care.

Branding Identity 

The salon's design strategy utilized soft pastel hues and abstract art, complemented by striking typography, to weave a visual story that resonates with the latest trends in beauty treatments.

The aim was to evoke an emotional response, promising an unique and revitalizing experience.

printing materials beauty industry
printing materials beauty industry
design rendering stickers beauty industry
design rendering  personalized cup
business cards beauty salon
business cards beauty salon
printing materials beauty industry
printing materials beauty industry
printing materials beauty industry

The lively and artistic promotional materials struck a chord with the intended audience, leading to heightened engagement for the target audience.

The Outcome

printing materials beauty industry

oTHER Projects

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