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BLOOM - a Concept

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In an industry teeming with competition, B needs to not only stand out but also convey its core values: a deep-rooted connection with nature, a commitment to sustainability, and a nurturing approach to its creations and customers.
Our mission at One Concept was to encapsulate these elements into a distinctive brand identity that would resonate with consumers seeking more than just flowers, they were seeking an experience, an ethos.

Creative Design, Logo, Branding,

Marketing Strategy


design business card

Creative Design 

The name Bloom itself was a starting point, suggesting growth, nature, and the unfolding of beauty. We wanted the brand identity to reflect these themes, drawing heavily on the natural beauty of flowers, the sustainability aspect of the business, and a touch of feminine grace. 

Branding Identity 

The thoughtful and consistent visual narrative across all touchpoints will elevate the brand, setting it apart in a crowded market. By carefully selecting a color palette that not only accentuates the brand's style but also resonates with its intended audience, we've fostered a feeling of community and belonging.

business card flower industry
design concept flower industry
Design concept featuring mental health awareness for an NGO
Design concept showcasing a calendar for the flower and beauty industries
Design concept packaging for the flower and beauty industries
Business card design concepts for the beauty industry
Label design concept
Design concept for signage in the beauty industry

The outcome of our efforts was a visually striking and emotionally engaging concept of brand identity.

The Outcome

oTHER Projects

Printing materials designed for mental health awareness campaigns
Color palette  rehabilitation center
Design concept for a social events flyer
Design concept for a beauty salon
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